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WEG W21 Electric AC Motor

Weg W21 Motors

The WEG W21 series motors are designed to meet specific
requirements of some markets.

These motors are available in frame sizes IEC 63 to 355M/L and are suitable for operation up to ambient temperature of 50 ºC with temperature rise restricted to class B (70 K).

They are suitable for 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz Supply and are also suitable to operate at tolerances of +- 10% in voltage, +- 5% in frequency and +- 10% combined variation of both voltage and frequency.

Key Features:

Cast Iron Frame/End Shield

Enclosed fan cooled (IC411)

3 grounding lugs: one grounding lug is placed inside the terminal box and the other two on each side of the frame

Ip55 degree of protection

Cast iron frame 63 up to 315S/M

WISE® insulation system which consists of enamel wires meeting temperature of 200°C and impregnated with continuous solvent free resin flow.

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