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TCM Worm Gearbox Data

CM wormgearboxes main features:
Pn 0.06 - 7.50 Kw M2 2 - 1200 Nm i 5 - 100

CM wormgearboxes main features:

  • The frames 030, 040, 050, 063, 075, 090 and 110 are constructed with the body diecast in Aluminum, larger sizes are made of cast iron
  • All sizes are complete with a long life synthetic lubricant, viscosity 320 cst
  • The frames 090, 110 and 130 are supplied with tapered roller bearings on the worm

Company News

Motordrives has won the contract to supply 950 geared motors for the largest ever solar power integration plant in Australia. Our range of Transtecno TCM SERIES helical worm gearboxes was chosen over all the other brands due to our first class quality and our fast delivery time.

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