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PLN 19-8, Single direction PWM control for DC motors

  • Line voltage: 12 – 24 Vac or 15 – 35 Vdc
  • The speed of the drive is to be controlled by external potentiometer, 10K Ω
  • Current Limit trimmer
  • Output voltage from terminals FA3 and FA4, from 0 up to Vdc MAX which is proportional to the input voltage. With 35 Vdc input voltage, the max output voltage is about 30 Vdc.
  • Maximum output current allowed: 8 A in a ventilated environment, continuous duty
  • Weight: 120 g.

PLN 12-24 - Bidirectional PWM control for DC motors

Transistor bidirectional drive with regenerative current system.

Following settings can be adjusted by optional programming console :

  • acceleration ramp: 0.5 - 2 sec
  • deceleration ramp : 0.5 - 2 sec
  • max forward speed
  • max reverse speed
  • second acceleration ramp
  • second deleration ramp


  • Room temperature: -20°C / + 40°C (< 0°C suggested heat resistor )
  • RED LED: system diagnosis
  • Switching frequency: 15kHz
  • Rugged enclosure
  • 5 Kohm Speed external potentiometer or 0-5 Vdc external analogue signal for speed regulation

BLDC65 - MICRO BLDC servo drives for DC and brushless motors

The main features of CM wormgearboxes with brushless motors are: :

  • Low voltage power supply 24/36 Vdc
  • Suitable for encoder assembly
  • Motor torque ratings available from 0,12 up to 0,43Nm
  • Built in electronic drives IE (optional)
  • Die-cast aluminium housings
  • Permanent synthetic oil long life lubrication

BLD07 - Brushless motors bidirectional control

Standard features :

  • Four quadrant regenerative operation for DC and Brushless motor
  • Single supply DC voltage
  • 5 diagnostic Leds (State and Alarms)
  • Protections for: Over/Under voltage, max. temperature, Over current, Ixt motor current, hall missing
  • Power and signals extractable connectors
  • 1 Differential velocity input +/-10V
  • 1 Torque mode (demand current) input +/-10V
  • Feedback available (series): Quadrature encoder - tachogenerator - Armature - selectable
  • NPN Fault drive output
  • Four Potentiometer adjustments (Speed, offset, gain,derivative)

Integrated electronics for IE version brushless motors

The integrated electronics of the IE brushless motors allows the control and regulation of the motor speed.

The control is bidirectional but not regenerative, therefore 2Q. The operational controls are found on the removable connector available on the rear of the motor.

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Motordrives has won the contract to supply 950 geared motors for the largest ever solar power integration plant in Australia. Our range of Transtecno TCM SERIES helical worm gearboxes was chosen over all the other brands due to our first class quality and our fast delivery time.

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