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Brushless motors

Brushless DC motors from the BL range are available in 5 si- zes with torque from 37 mNm to 0.7Nm and they can be supplied with either an integrated (version IE) or external driver.

The advantages of using brushless motors instead of traditional DC brush motors are the following:

  • Longer life time
  • Higher efficiency
  • Electronic commutation and control of the motor via digital
  • sensors (encoder, resolver etc.)
  • Wide speed range
  • Maintenance free

BL motors have a compact design and thanks to low inertia they have high performances and are a low cost solution already including Hall sensors, as opposed to an encoder or resolver.

The 3 phase windings of the motor have a low voltage of 24/36/48 V and so these motors are safer to use when a machine operator has direct contact with them.

Furthermore, by using the integrated speed controller, optional IE solution, the cables of the equipment can be simplified taking up less space in the electric cabinet.

Micro brushless planetary gearmotors

The main features of planetary gearmotors range PK-P-PM LN series are:

  • Low voltage power supply 24/36/48 Vdc
  • Suitable for encoder assembly
  • Motor torque ratings available from 37mNm up to 0,7Nm
  • Integrated speed controller IE (optional)
  • Permanent grease long life lubrication

PK-SB solution:

  • Plastic/metal mix
  • Double ball bearing on output shaft

P solution:

  • Completely made out of metal
  • Double ball bearing on output shaft

PM LN solution:

  • Low noise version of P solution

MICRO Brushless Wormgearmotors

The main features of CM wormgearboxes with brushless motors are:

  • Low voltage power supply 24/36 Vdc
  • Suitable for encoder assembly
  • Motor torque ratings available from 0,12 up to 0,43Nm
  • Built in electronic drives IE (optional)
  • Die-cast aluminium housings
  • Permanent synthetic oil long life lubrication

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Motordrives has won the contract to supply 950 geared motors for the largest ever solar power integration plant in Australia. Our range of Transtecno TCM SERIES helical worm gearboxes was chosen over all the other brands due to our first class quality and our fast delivery time.

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