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Transtecno Alloy Ac Electric Motor

TS AC Electric Motors Transtecno

The Ts Range includes induction three phase 4 pole motors, 230/400 Vac at 50 Hz and 275/480 Vac at 60 Hz, it covers power sizes from 0.09 kW up to 3.0 kW.

The motors run quietly, are dynamically well balanced, robust, enclosed and fan cooled and are an economic solution. Made with and aluminium frame, available with B5 or B14 flange mountings

Key Features:

Compact design

Class F thermal insulation

IP55 enclosure protection

Ambient temperature: -20 °C ÷ +40 °C

Fan Cooled

Sizes from: 0.09 kW up to 2.2 kW.

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